[Zope-PTK] SQLMember portal error

Nick Garcia ngarcia@codeit.com
Wed, 05 Apr 2000 10:34:49 -0700

Mike Pelletier wrote:
>   Hi, Bill.
>   I think you are probably the only person to attempt to use the SQL
> user forlder in some time.  Sometime soon (this month by the look of
> it, but I daren't be more specific) LoginManager will replace both the
> ZODB and SQL member folders that I rolled.  This will be a much saner
> and more managable situation.  If SQL membership is something you just
> gotta have in the mean time, let me know and I'll try to kick the
> kinks back out of the existing one.
> Mike.

In case anyone's interested, I ran into the same problem that Bill did,
looked at it for a few minutes, then decided it would be simpler to use
the LoginManager and create a sqlUserSource, which I did using the
PersistentUserSource as an initial base.  So far everything works great,
although I did have to make a couple of changed to the LoginManager to
get it to work.

Unfortunately I've been to busy working on this project to begin
contributing back, and haven't updated from CVS in a while to find out
if the problems I had to fix in LoginManager were fixed there yet, but
if anyone's interested in seeing how I've implemented the sqlUserSource,
let me know.

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