[Zope-PTK] CVS update - Discussions, permissions fixed, more

Nick Garcia ngarcia@codeit.com
Thu, 06 Apr 2000 18:37:05 -0700

Mike Pelletier wrote:
>   Just a note to let folk's know what's been going on in the CVS this
> week.
>   On Thursday, I commited the initial Discussions framework to the
> CVS.  There is some brief documentation in interfaces, expect it to
> get a bit more fleshed out next week.
>   Two new mix-ins were created.  'Discussable' represents any resource
> which supports replies, and 'DiscussionResponse' represents the
> replies.  'Discussable' has been mixed in with PortalContent, meaning
> that all PTK objects can potentially be the root of a discussion.
> (This can be disallowed on a per-object basis by overriding a method.)
> 'DiscussionResponse' has been mixed with the PTK Document class in a
> new class called 'DiscussionItem'.  This is the class that is
> presently used for replies on the PTK.

Hey that's pretty neat.  I did the same thing (basically) by just making
all PortalContent subclass ZDTopic and grafting the display/post/reply
forms onto it.  Of course that makes *ALL* objects support discussions,
and it's not as elegant as I'm sure this implementation is.  I'll have
to take a look at this.

>   My next goals are to add Topics to the PTK (for those of you keeping
> score at home, it'll probably get pushed into the weekend) and to get
> rid of the need for PortalFolder.  I'm sure no one will mourn it.

I know I won't :)