[Zope-PTK] Sample portal to play with.

Otto Hammersmith otto@ipass.net
Fri, 07 Apr 2000 11:12:13 -0400

In response to a request Paul made a long while ago, I have set up a
sample portal based on the latest CVS update on Zope 2.1.6 using
Zserver.  It's existence is purely to give everyone a place to try out
the new features of the latest PTK.  I will try to update at least once
a week (1).

It's at http://www.hammersmiths.org:9080/test_portal

Since it's ZServer, and I don't have access to the startup scripts, when
the machine reboots it will be down.  If it's down, e-mail me and I'll
start it back up.  I will have this fixed shortly (2).

(1) What's the best way to upgrade the PTK?  I assume a simple cvs
update could possibly break the instances in the ZODB, already.

(2) How do other web hosts handle this?  I'm going to try to write a
package that gives users a ~/.rc.d that mirrors the format of the SysV
init stuff in /etc/rc.d on Red Hat (and others, I know) systems. 
Hopefully I can convince my webhost to install it. :)