[Zope-PTK] Sample portal to play with.

Mike Pelletier mike@digicool.com
Fri, 7 Apr 2000 17:56:53 -0400 (EDT)

On Fri, 7 Apr 2000, Otto Hammersmith wrote:

> (1) What's the best way to upgrade the PTK?  I assume a simple cvs
> update could possibly break the instances in the ZODB, already.

  I'll do my best to give notice when I make changes which will break
existing objects.  All the same, it's best to make a backup before
doing a 'cvs up'.

  The easiest way to set things up is to checkout ZopePTK someplace
safe, and then make symbolic links from ZopePTK/* to
$ZOPEHOME/lib/python/Products/*.  Then, you can cd to your ZopePTK
folder and do an update there, and restart your server to see the

  When you do a CVS update, take careful note of whether or not
ZopePTK/PTKDemo/DemoPortal.zexp has been updated.  (I will make note
of this in the mailing list as well.)  If it has been, you must delete
your /Control_Panel/Products/DemoPortal Product, re-import it,
restart, and refresh your instance's interface.  To do the refresh,
log in as a Manager, select 'Reconfigure Portal' from the Toolbox, and
click the appropreate link in the first paragraph of the page it takes
you to.  This will wipe out any changes that you've made to the
interface files since the last refresh/instantiation.

  (Actually, the restart may not be necisary on a re-import.)

> (2) How do other web hosts handle this?  I'm going to try to write a
> package that gives users a ~/.rc.d that mirrors the format of the SysV
> init stuff in /etc/rc.d on Red Hat (and others, I know) systems. 
> Hopefully I can convince my webhost to install it. :)

  This is generally not a problem, because the typical Zope-based
venture is so astronomically successful, they buy out their hosting
provider before the first reboot occurs.  Guaranteed to work, or
double your money back.

  (I can offer no genuine advice.)

> Enjoy!

  Thanks a ton!  This is the third public PTK I've been notified of in
24 hours, but the first playground.  May I publish links to it?


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