[Zope-PTK] I could be wrong but my toolbox ain't workin right...

Chip Vanek chip@upcast.com
Tue, 11 Apr 2000 15:44:44 -0700


I am having the same problem.  The Pending review link
also quit working for me but, I think that is my having
some of the old permission structures intermixed with
the new evolving permission structures.

I have been trying to understand permissions and roles in
Zope but I am still a newbie and progress is slow.

The (old) Product API tutorial describes permissions as:

  A tuple of tuples, and the inner tuples contain a string, a
  tuple of methods, and optional third tuple of strings.
  i.e. ((permissionName),(methodsToActOn),(OptionalRoles))

            or more correctly:

__ac_permissions__ = (
            ('Permission name',(method,method,method),
               ('Role Name','Role Name')),
            ('Permission name',(method,method,method)),

The part that I am struggling with is:

Are each of the __ac_permission__ declarations an overwite of
previous declarations?  

The order seems to be:
   PortalObjectBase (Contribute portal content & Manage portal)
 PortalContent (root of all content? View & Request review)
    Portal File  (also OFS.Image.File)
    Portal Image (also OFS.Image.Image)
       DiscussionItem (also DiscussionResponse) 

    Discussable (new base)
    DiscussionResponse (new base)


Has anyone with a clear view of permissions & roles done
a mapping of the strucutures in the PTK and have a roadmap?

Anyway, I am seeing the same problems in toolbox and looking in
to it.


Chip Vanek

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>Subject: [Zope-PTK] I could be wrong but my toolbox ain't workin
>Hi PTK group,
>After installing the latest release of the PTK (and
>making some changes) I found that when "my stuff"
>is viewed the UNDO and RECONFIGURE PORTAL options
>display in the toolbox, regardless of the user.
>For example, open a new browser then log in as a
>new user, say, Fred.  Fred's toolbox shows these options.
>I only mention the "new browser" in passing, I am sure that
>that has no effect here.
>I have another machine set up with an older version of
>PTK (and the 2.1.4 Zope version if it makes a diff) and this
>doesn't occur.
>I changed some stuff in ../PTKBase/dtml/toolbox.dtml
>(to match the different styles I am using in this project)
>but I don't think that would cause this problem.
>Anyone else see this or have I srizonified my PTK somehow??
>If not then I will submit this to the issue tracker.
>Jeff Sasmor
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