[Zope-PTK] uploading gifs onto portal

sareyn@franklincovey.com sareyn@franklincovey.com
Wed, 19 Apr 2000 10:36:41 -0600

I posted the question yesterday about referencing gifs within the portal. No
luck so far.  I am uploading them as an image in the /portal/Image folder.
When I try to reference them they come up broken.  If anyone has used gifs
within their portal, that reside local to the portal, I would greatly
appreciate any suggestions.  I have used the following syntax to reference
the gifs:
This is from my "/portal-name/Solaris-links/solaris_html" file:
<img src="&dtml-portal_url;Images/Solaris.gif">
<img src="/portal-name/Images/Solaris.gif">
<img src="/Images/Solaris.gif>
<img src="Images/Solaris.gif">
<img src="Solaris.gif">
The fact that I get a broken image, tells me that it is finding the gif.  It
is almost like when I upload it using "Add" -> "Image", it is creating
something that is not recognizable when I try to reference it.  Any thoughts
are greatly appreciated.