[Zope-PTK] Re: [ZDP] Zope Documentation Portal Community Policy

Chris Withers chrisw@nipltd.com
Fri, 28 Apr 2000 17:31:40 +0100

It strikes me that this discussion is excellent, but it's spread across two
lists, and the messages are getting unreadable there's so much quoting.

Anyone for a Wiki? ;-)

If someone else doesn't want to do one, give me a shout and I will @:-)



Rik Hoekstra wrote:
> Hi !
> [Rik:]
> > However, taking into account the discussions about the Portal Toolkit
> > and documentation of the last few days, I have another proposal. Let's
> > make it an official Zope Community Policy (TM) to make all documentation
> > primarily available through the new Documentation Portal.
> [Maik]
> I think we should steer in this direction, but the first rule is Linus's
> motto
> of "Show me the code", and then we can talk about moving the whole process
> of
> Documentation to ZDP if all parties agree an this.
> [rh]Yes, of course. But I've seen your efforts before, and I take the
> quality for granted ;-)
> I would like to develop this system like a prototype at first, and if it
> works, we can approach the Zope community and Digital Creations to ask them
> to make the documentation available via ZDP only.
> > And, to get personal ;-), this would also mean that DC makes a commitment
> > to do so. In this way we'd create the necessary clarity in Zope
> documentation.
> It would be great if DC would collaborate more with the ZDP, but as long
> as this is not the case, we can only do the second best thing, and provide
> a solution that just links to what is available on zope.org. It would
> be a big improvement even if noone collaborated, but let's not get too
> pessimistic ;-)
> [rh]Nothing pessimistic here, just the right time to kick this in once more.
> I thought
> >In other words, more than a change of policy in the ZDP, let's make the
> >Documentation Portal thing for and of the whole Zope Community.
> Agreed.
> [Chris Withers:]
> >How do we know what documentation applies to what Zope version?
> We have been talking about this, but we have not yet come to a solution.
> I don't think it would be great to add a version property to all
> documents. Instead, I would like to store the creation date explicitely
> and infer the Zope version from it.
> [rh]Hm, fancy. Don't know if this is necessary though.
> <snip other important stuff>
> Rik
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