[Zope-PTK] helping my decision

Didier Georgieff Didier Georgieff <dgieff@divinerites.com>
Sun, 16 Jul 2000 19:08:33 +0100

I'm new to the PTK, and would like to have an advice from the PTK 
community about using actual PTK for a workable project before 
taking this road.

From what i read in the wiki and archives, PTK is going to be under 
a major rewrite/design.
Is it reasonnable to start working on a portal NOW with actual PTK 
and is there any major incompatibility with PTK future 
implementation ?

If the response is reasonably "safe", i would take this PTK road 
(instead od collecting products and reinventing the wheel), and 
would be glad to contribute according to my young zope knowledge.

thanks for any advice/opinion.

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