[Zope-CMF] Re: [Zope] Use the source Luke -- what could be done to help documentation process? Request for comments!

Chris McDonough chrism@zope.com
Mon, 01 Apr 2002 22:55:27 -0500

I like that -- I saw Andy recommend something similar earlier.

If somebody turned that idea into something that would create a ZopeLabs 
recipe via XML-RPC, everybody would benefit and we would only need to 
create a minimal set of tools (with no UI!, whoo hoo!).  If somebody was 
willing to write the code and documentation/instructions for setting up 
an MTA to use the code, I'm sure we (ZC) could spare some cycles to set 
up a mail alias for it.

Bill Anderson wrote:
> On Mon, 2002-04-01 at 19:09, Chris McDonough wrote:
>>>Since I have learned a lot from just reading this great list I volunteer
>>>to be a collector and organizer of solutions.
>>Whoo hoo! ;-)
>>>I'm open to any suggestion. For a start some FAQ-like setup would IMHO
>>>be most appropriate and I'd be happy to build and provide a site for
>>>that. But there are certainly many websites that are already established
>>>for purposes very similar to this one.
>>I think I'd be tempted to just use ZopeLabs for now.  It's running, and
>>nothing needs to be built, and it's pretty good for this kind of thing.
>>Let's just hope Adam doesn't get hit by a truck. ;-)
>>It would be nifty if folks took nuggets from the list and turned them into
>>ZopeLabs recipes.  It would be even niftier if the ZopeLabs software sent
>>out a mail every week or so to the Zope list, telling folks about new
>>recipes.  Or this could of course be done manually.
> I've kicked around some ideas for a bit, so I'll unleash one of them
> here. :)
> Idea 1: a special mailing list.
> This one has it's own address, say zope-FAQs@zope.org.
> It uses XML formatting such as:
> <question>
>   <body> A Question </body>
> </question>
> <question>
>  <body>
>   The question
>  </body>
>  <answer>
>    An (The) Answer
>  </answer.
> </question>
> No discussion (we already have those lists), just Q&A.
> The reason for the XML formatting is to provide a simpler means of
> indexing, to build a FAQ for, say faq.zope.org. Of course, a form on the
> zope.org site for this would help.
> Such that people could enter their question in the form, which would
> check it for similar questions, and if none found, send it to the list.
> Community members would subscribe, and provide answers. The site gets to
> index them, and provides a UI for viewing the FAQ, a mailing list
> provides rapid delivery, and querants have a nice place to read FAQ and
> submit them.
> Of course, the above "XML"-ish format could be extended to include an
> option <component>CMF</component> and <topic>install</topic> kind of
> attributes, to better organize things.
> Now what would be especially cool, is if there was a SOAP interface to
> it. That way, some of us could code up some GUI apps to query, answer,
> and ask questions to it, or a Website could snarf it into their own
> pages. heck, maybe the DB is in a ZODB, and the zope.org site could
> snarf it in.
> I'm not too knowledgeable in XML, so that part I'm afraid I can't help
> much with. But gimme an opportunity to plug SOAP into it, and ohh yeah.
> Oh., I've also kicked around the idea of a "mailbot" that would sit on
> the list and look for new posts on FAQs, and reply with the (presumed)
> FAQ location, and if done right, maybe a reply with the answers, or a
> link to them on the web.
> Anyway, just a wild idea(s).

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