[Zope-CMF] Workflow - Publish All Objects in Folder

Jo Meder jo@meder.de
Wed, 3 Apr 2002 11:36:38 +0200

Am 03.04.2002, 10:14 Uhr
	schrub Roel Van den Bergh <roel@planetinterior.com>:

> Unfortunately your solution didn't work

Sorry to hear that. Maybe there's something else missing. Here is the
complete script. It publishes everything inside the container it is
called from and recursively everything below that. Never failed me but
as usual there are certainly many opportunities for improving this
little snippet:

def publishcontainer(container,path):
  ov=map(lambda x:(x.id,x), container.objectValues())
  for (oid,obj) in ov:
    if not (hasattr(obj,"isPortalContent") or obj.isPrincipiaFolderish):
    if hasattr(obj,"isPortalContent"):
       print "ID: ",path+"/"+str(obj.id)
       #print review_state
    if review_state!="published" and hasattr(context,"portal_workflow"):
         print "now published<br>"
         print "publishing",str(obj.id),"failed<br>"
    elif review_state=="published":
      print "is already published<br>"
    if hasattr(obj,"objectValues"):
       print publishcontainer(obj,path+"/"+str(obj.id))
  return printed

print "This is the", script.meta_type, '"%s"' % script.getId(),
if script.title:
    print "(%s)" % html_quote(script.title),
print "in", context.absolute_url()

print "<h2>Trying to publish all unpublished content</h2>"

print publishcontainer(context,context.absolute_url(relative=1))

return printed


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