[Zope-CMF] Strange error in Plone .9.9.almost with CMF-1.3b1

alan runyan alan runyan" <runyaga@runyaga.com
Fri, 5 Apr 2002 15:44:52 -0600

oops.  you may want to do a CVS checkout.  I just attempted to fix this.
It appears to work fine on my box.  sorry about that.  if you would direct
bugs to the plone skin tracker -

Topics are new beasties to Plone.  I expect you may find other problems with
them.  Please put the problems in the skin tracker.

> Can someone enlighten me as to what is happening?

well, the topic_editTopic is calling container.. which is should be calling
context.aq_parent.  and there are other things that are wrong.  a huge
difference between Plone and CMF is Plone uses base href.

now.  I am not saying the way I'm calculating the base href is the best way.
but it *seems* to work.  and I've had absolutely no input from anyone
regarding this.  so I am assuming *it is* working.  and people understand
your form actions need the id of the object and the action.. like
tal:attributes="action string:${here/getId}/script_name"

but it should work.  is it possible for you to work from CVS?