[Zope-CMF] Strange error in Plone .9.9.almost with CMF-1.3b1

Peter Herndon tpherndon@hotmail.com
Fri, 05 Apr 2002 17:30:03 -0500


>oops.  you may want to do a CVS checkout.  I just attempted to fix this.
>It appears to work fine on my box.  sorry about that.  if you would direct
>bugs to the plone skin tracker -

I did.  I put it there first, then sent it to the mailing list thinking it 
(slight chance) might be an issue with CMF or Zope, rather than Plone.

>a huge difference between Plone and CMF is Plone uses base href.

Okay, I'm lacking some knowledge somewhere.  If Plone uses base hrefs, then 
I'm assuming CMF uses absolute hrefs instead, e.g. from 
CMFDefault/skins/content_publish_form.pt, tal:attributes="action 
string:$(here/absolute_url)/content_status/modify".  So... (let me work it 
out :) ...in topic_editTopic, for instance, things fell apart because 
(LIGHTBULB!) the script was calling the manage_renameObject method from the 
*container* (the Plone site) rather than from the *folder* containing the 
topic.  And it would be the folder that would do the work on its subobject, 
the topic.

Would this be an accurate assessment, or did I miss something?

>now.  I am not saying the way I'm calculating the base href is the best 
>but it *seems* to work.  and I've had absolutely no input from anyone
>regarding this.  so I am assuming *it is* working.  and people understand
>your form actions need the id of the object and the action.. like
>tal:attributes="action string:${here/getId}/script_name"
>but it should work.  is it possible for you to work from CVS?

I will try to pull from CVS and see what results I get.

Thanks a bundle!


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