[Zope-CMF] Multilingual site with CMF/Plone?

Rainer Thaden Rainer Thaden <thadi@gmx.de>
Tue, 11 Feb 2003 10:19:49 +0100


i already posted this to Greg Ward so now again for the list:

GW> So apparently Zope is unable to make the connection between the action
GW> 'Employee_view' and the file 'skins/LocCMFProduct/Employee_view.ht'.
GW> Arghh.  Anyone have any advice?

Use the install method delivered with the LocCMFProduct.
It registers the types and skins, so that Employee_view.pt can be
located. You'll find documentation how to use it in INSTALL.txt.

I managed to create a multilingual CMF-Site in a way that the content
objects hold the multilingual content using Localizer.
To be able to have multilingual metadata i created a class
LocDefaultDublinCoreImpl based on DefaultDublinCoreImpl.

More here:
 Rainer                          mailto:thadi@gmx.de