[Zope-CMF] new Recipe: Create default content for new members; allow members to publish

Colin Leath cleath@j9k.org
Wed, 26 Feb 2003 16:32:53 -0500 (EST)


This addresses some common mailing list questions.

replies have been made to the following related docs:



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Category: CMF
1) Creates default content, making new member the owner of the default
2) Gives new member the reviewer role on her/his folder so can publish her
own docs.

All this using the standard CMF (no DC workflow; no hotfixes -- designed
for freezope)

Two scripts must be created or customized:

register (customize) -- Note my register script requires lowercase
usernames and more gracefully handles the error when username is invalid
or already in use

createDefaultContentForNewMember (create) (must be proxy manager)

You also need to create a user which has the documents you want to be the
default. In this example that user is default_user.

You may also wish to customize content_byline to address the confusion
between owner and creator. (e.g. change "created by" to "owned by")

scripts are at: