[Zope-CMF] using review_history and proxy roles to get published date

Dieter Maurer dieter at handshake.de
Fri Jan 23 15:28:44 EST 2004

Travis N. Vaught wrote at 2004-1-23 06:25 -0600:
>Is it possible to use proxy roles in a python script like this:
> ...
>review_history = container.portal_workflow.getInfoFor(result_obj, 
>last_published_review = [review for review in review_history if 
>last_published_date = 
>context.toPortalTime(last_published_review[0]['time'], long_format=1)
>return last_published_date
>I'm trying to get a published date from the cmf document.  It works 
>great for owners and reviewers, but hands back...
>Error Details
>Error Type
>Error Value
>Could not get info: review_history

When you protect the workflow variable "review_history" with
a permission, then, almost surely, DCWorkflow uses
for verification.
This does not respect proxy roles (probably a bug!).

> ...
>I've got a proxy role of reviewer set on the script.  Am I wrong in 
>trying this approach?

I fear it will not work.

Maybe, you can remove the guard on "review_history"?
If not, you can try to the corresponding WorkflowTool method
directly in an external method and provide there your own
security check.


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