[Zope-CMF] def _checkId doesn't make sence to me

Dieter Maurer dieter at handshake.de
Wed Mar 31 17:42:52 EST 2004

Johan Carlsson wrote at 2004-3-31 11:22 +0200:
>I understand that it's necessary to stop people
>from overriding stuff like portal_services.
>But the implementation is to ridged in my opinion.
>PortalFolder:_checkId(self, id, allow_dup=0)
>effectivly disallows any object with the same name
>as a root object (excluding index_html) to be created.
>This makes in impossible to have any object in the root
>that might have the same name some where bellow the root.
>(This roll also counts if the root object is created first.)
>PortalFolder:_checkId should be change to also check if
>the object in the root that could block the other object
>is a "protected" object. I'm not sure which object should be
>protected or if there is a easy way to find that out?
>For now I can get around this limitation by overriding checkId
>but I would like to see a better implementation.

The motivation probably was that the root folder should only
contain services that must not be overridden.
Why do you need to put something there that may need to be overridden?


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