[Zope-CVS] SVN: Sandbox/ Creating an area for *throw-away* prototypes

Jim Fulton jim at zope.com
Thu Nov 18 12:24:40 EST 2004

Log message for revision 28472:
  Creating an area for *throw-away* prototypes
  It is *important* to note that the practices for throw-away and
  evolutionary prototypes are totally different.
  For a throw-away prototype, the goal is to explore a problem
  you don't understand by trying things out. It's pointless to
  document and write tests.  It would be counter productive. It doesn't
  really matter what the code looks like.  Speed of implementation
  is important, because you want to try things out quickly. You don't
  want to waste time thinking about apis, etc.
  When you understand a problem, or at least think you do, you can
  start writing the evolutionary prototye (a.k.a. the final system ;).
  You may still throw it away, or refactor it, but the expectation
  is that what your working on will evolve into something of value.
  At this point, it's time to start doing things right. It's time to
  start following Zope 3 practices.  At this point, the code should
  move into the Zope 3 tree, or into a separate project. 

  A   Sandbox/


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