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+This is an area for *throw-away* prototypes.
+It is *important* to note that the practices for throw-away and
+evolutionary prototypes are totally different.
+For a throw-away prototype, the goal is to explore a problem
+you don't understand by trying things out. It's pointless to
+document and write tests.  It would be counter productive. It doesn't
+really matter what the code looks like.  Speed of implementation
+is important, because you want to try things out quickly. You don't
+want to waste time thinking about apis, etc.
+When you understand a problem, or at least think you do, you can
+start writing the evolutionary prototye (a.k.a. the final system ;).
+You may still throw it away, or refactor it, but the expectation
+is that what your working on will evolve into something of value.
+At this point, it's time to start doing things right. It's time to
+start following Zope 3 practices.  At this point, the code should
+move into the Zope 3 tree, or into a separate project. 
+If you want to experiment here, create a subdirectory with a name that
+is descriptive and includes your (or your project's) name
+(e.g. jim-zope-gui, zc-teleportation).

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