[Zope-DB] MS SQL and \

Andy McKay andym@ActiveState.com
Thu, 20 Sep 2001 12:37:42 -0700

Ok so this isnt directly Zope related, but a friendlier group of sql experts
you wont find elsewhere :)

Im trying to write into a database a python script with the line
continuation character in it: eg:
a = a + \

So surely enough I ran that through a ZSql method and its coming out as "a =
a + b", inside the RDBMS. Sure enough \ at the end of a line needs to be
escaped.  sqlvar.py isnt escaping the \ as \\... so I fixed that but it then
returned "a = a + \ b" (no newline)

Before I start beating up ms sql server is there some obvious escaping Im
not doing here? I really dont want to munge all the places this may occur
since we use lots of different ways to read the data out of the database...

Thanks in advance.
  Andy McKay.