[Zope-DB] MS SQL and \

Matthew T. Kromer matt@zope.com
Thu, 20 Sep 2001 15:42:27 -0400

Andy McKay wrote:

>Ok so this isnt directly Zope related, but a friendlier group of sql experts
>you wont find elsewhere :)
>Im trying to write into a database a python script with the line
>continuation character in it: eg:
>a = a + \
> b
>So surely enough I ran that through a ZSql method and its coming out as "a =
>a + b", inside the RDBMS. Sure enough \ at the end of a line needs to be
>escaped.  sqlvar.py isnt escaping the \ as \\... so I fixed that but it then
>returned "a = a + \ b" (no newline)
>Before I start beating up ms sql server is there some obvious escaping Im
>not doing here? I really dont want to munge all the places this may occur
>since we use lots of different ways to read the data out of the database...
>Thanks in advance.
>  Andy McKay.

This is a direct consequence of the data being sent into the database as 
strings, not as positional parameters.  I would guess that ZSql methods 
can be tweaked by simple re-coding to allow you to embed a line-end 
character for SQL -- but my preferred solution is to try to use bind 
values instead (which Zope does not support at this time but is on my 
wish-list to pull some patches and do some other work to support.)