[Zope-DB] changing from dtml-in

D. Rick Anderson ruger@comnett.net
Tue, 03 Dec 2002 16:36:45 -0800

I've been using zope for quite some time, and I've always coded almost 
completely in DTML. I know that I need to change and I'm trying to make 
that jump right now. The 'fun' that I'm having is calling an SQL query 
from a python script. Here's the basic code:

x = context.basicReport()
if x:
 for result in x:
  print result

where basicReport() is an SQL query that doesn't require any input 
variables, but definitely returns data. When I test this code or render 
it it does absolutely nothing. It doesn't even barf back an error, it 
just doesn't do anything. I have some idle time on our projects so I'd 
like to get this stuff nailed down.