[Zope-DB] Can all Zope objects be hosted in (f.e.) MySQL?

Santi Camps santi at zetadb.com
Fri Feb 13 10:25:46 EST 2004

> Your objects will be "searialized" (called pickles) so you can´t do 
> really useful things with them in your dbms. afaik all rdbs storages are 
> a lot slower than filestorage (or directory storage, which might be 
> another option for you).
> If you will be using plone and want your content objects to be stored in 
> a rdbms (with a real "object type" -> "table" and "object property" -> 
> "table column" mapping), archetypes SQLStorage feature might be 
> interesting for you.

And if you want to have the same without Plone, the best I've found is
APE (http://hathaway.freezope.org/Software/Ape), in special enabling the
SQLMultiTableProperties in its config file.  


Santi Camps

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