[Zope-DB] Re: Zope database connectivity

Pawel Lewicki lewicki at provider.pl
Mon Oct 9 05:44:31 EDT 2006


Maciej Wisniowski napisał(a):
>> If one is careful, one can find a reliable solution...
> Hopefully I think I did this today...
> I've found that psycopg pool implementation has nice
> class:
> class PersistentConnectionPool(AbstractConnectionPool):
>    """A pool that assigns persistent connections to different threads.
>    Note that this connection pool generates by itself the required keys
>    using the current thread id.  This means that untill a thread put away
>    a connection it will always get the same connection object by successive
>    .getconn() calls. This also means that a thread can't use more than one
>    single connection from the pool.
>    """
> I used this, and finally I have DCOracle2 with connection pool, without
> volatile attributes (I didn't changed implementation of stored 
> procedures yet),
> with ability to reconnect after things like DB restart and with REAL 
> ability to
> open/close connections from ZMI.

Did anyone try SQL Relay as a bridge? They say "When using SQL Relay, 
the database can be bounced without having to restart Zope"

Pawel Lewicki

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