[Zope-dev] Zope X3 3.0 Beta 4 is available

Jim Fulton jim at zope.com
Fri Sep 3 16:38:35 EDT 2004

Zope X3 3.0 Beta 4 is available at:


Both a source release and a windows binary release are available.

Zope X3 is the next generation of Zope.  The "X" in Zope X3 means that it
*currently* makes so special provisions for being backward compatible
with or providing a transition from Zope 2.  It will in the future, at
which time, the X will be dropped from the name.

The 3.0 release is the first production-quality release of Zope X3.  The
focus of this release is on Python developers.  While basic through-the-web
content and templating facilities are provided, the main emphasis is
on supporting applications in Python.  Of course, possible applications
to be developed include through-the-web content management, and development

We expect this to be the final beta for X3.0.  We hope to make the first,
and hopefully last, candidate release next week or early the following week.

We'd really appreciate it if people would try this release out and
post any issues found in the Zope 3 Issue Collector at:



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