[Zope-dev] Re: ploneout - Or how using zc.buildout for a common Zope2 project might look like

Ian Bicking ianb at colorstudy.com
Sun Jan 28 15:29:54 EST 2007

Martin Aspeli wrote:
> whit wrote:
>> actually, in my current workplace, workingenv is the standard way to set 
>> up one's dev environment.  but in the context of the previous statement, 
>> familar is perhaps a better word.
> I'm still not clear how widely used workingenv is? Is it "officially 
> endorsed" anywhere else?

It steps more lightly than buildout does.  It's also mostly equivalent 
in mechanism to virtual-python, which is used quite widely.  Both use 
setuptools conventions more closely than buildout does.  It would be 
nice if I could say "then you get access to all the setuptools-related 
management tools", except there are almost none :(  But if they *did* 
exist you'd get access to them ;)

Build stuff seems surprisingly contentious.  The debate around 
setuptools itself has always been far more difficult than it should be; 
there's a lot of stop energy.  So the Python community as a whole is 
moving very slowly on this stuff.


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