[Zope-dev] dynamic table

Graziella Toutoungis graztoutoungis at yahoo.fr
Tue Jan 30 09:59:49 EST 2007


I create a page template in order to showing a dynamic table, in this table i have a column and row (of chechbox) for giving the user the possibility of personalise the table by choosing his columns and rows.

when the user check the rows and columns (exe: he chooses (id, title) from(id, title, phone,...,) and the rows data bettween 5 and 100). 

Now i have to generate a new page template whit the new table column: id, title   and row from 5 to 100.

I think that i should verify for every column and row if they are checked, and perhaps  create a list from this column and another for the row?

and i have another problem that every time the user do Next or Previous on this page, we lost the checked columns and  rows. 

Thanks for all suggestions.


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