[Zope-dev] Collector #2326 - LazyCat bug+fix

sean.upton at uniontrib.com sean.upton at uniontrib.com
Mon May 21 02:58:51 EDT 2007

FYI, for those inclined to take a look, or anyone willing to apply a patch to ZCatalog.Lazy:


This bug affects svn HEAD, Zope 2.10.x, Zope 2.9.x.

LazyCat.__repr__() calls __getitem__() in such a way that __add__() functionality is crippled (see collector issue) - causes AttributeError.  The problem can be worked around in LazyCat.__init__(), which is what the diff/patch attached to the issue does (does hasattr() check and works around appropriately if lazcat doesn't have '_seq' attribute).

Any comments/thoughts appreciated.  If this looks good, can someone with commit abilities check this in?


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