[Zope-dev] Re: strange zope.conf problem

Tres Seaver tseaver at palladion.com
Wed May 30 14:29:52 EDT 2007

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Miles wrote:

> I have a site running Zope 2.9.6 which thinks it is running in debug mode.
> I've tried putting debug-mode off in the zope.conf, and also leaving out 
> the line about debug-mode completely, but neither work - the site still 
> believes it is running in debug mode!
> As far as I can see, it appears that it is using the 
> DefaultConfiguration from App.config - certainly changing debug mode 
> there from True to False solved the problem.  However, I could not find 
> where in the code the configuration was explicitly loaded on startup in 
> order to verify what was going on.  Any ideas where this might be?  And 
> what might be the root cause of it (it is fine on other machines that 
> have been built using the same script).
> Also, I was finding it hard to debug the problem as to get any 
> output/use pdb, I have to start the site in debug mode anyway!  Any 
> ideas for how I can trace through the startup code much appreciated...!

How are you starting Zope?  The 'fg' command of 'zopectl' forces debug
mode to be on;  you need 'start' to run without that.

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