[Zope-dev] "ZTK" futures: one big package?

Tres Seaver tseaver at palladion.com
Wed May 13 18:52:46 EDT 2009

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Martijn Faassen wrote:

> Tres Seaver wrote:
>> I think we need to clarify terms / triage the sets of packages we are
>> talking about:
> Sure, agreed, though I think we can already work with 'reusable' and 
> 'not reusable' right now as hints to users. The 'not reusable' group 
> consists of 'wannabe reusable' and 'implausible it'll ever be reusable'.

I'm worried that if we don't target the "wannabes" now, we'll end up
making a lot of work for ourselves *and* for people consuming the
packages later.

> I also expect we'll end up with some packages that have reasonable 
> dependencies but still a *lot* of dependencies - does that mean they're 
> reusable or not? If not, what if Grok still needs one?

*Many* dependencies makes it harder to reuse, but not possible.  *Any*
dependencies on the pile we deem "never-gonna-happen" tars the dependent
with the same brush.

> I'd be happy to see someone triage the existing set of packages in the 
> categories Tres proposes.
>>  - zope.app.container (Products.Five.browser.adding)
> Should be easy enough to move to zope.container, hopefully.

I moved the IAdding interface to zope.browser, which contains *only*
interfaces at this point (and therefore no dependencies beyond
zope.interface).  I also moved IView and IBrowserView there from

>>  - zope.app.form (Products.Five.form.*)
> This actually isn't that bad in the reusability department; it's mostly 
> a bunch of widgets. Not that it's the be all end all form library by a 
> long shot, and most of our libraries shouldn't be depending on it, but 
> it's not a bad thing to have it in the ZTK for now.

It should get renamed, then (zope.formwidgets, or something).  The
'zope.app' stuff is presumptively "never-gonna-happen."

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