[Zope-dev] Why does restrictedTraverse() in Zope 2 not respect IPublishTraverse adapters?

Martin Aspeli optilude+lists at gmail.com
Thu May 14 11:14:55 EDT 2009


There's currently a funny inconsistency in Zope's Traversable class. If 
you have a URL like http://localhost:8080/path/to/@@aview/foo, and 
@@aview implements IPublishTraverse (and, I presume, if there's a custom 
IPublishTraverse adapter for any other path component), URL traversal 
will work fine, but calling to.restrictedTraverse('@@aview/foo') or some 
variant thereof will fail, because (un)restrictedTraverse() does not 
respect custom IPublishTraverse adapters.

I can kind of see why it's done like this since it's called 
I*Publish*Traverse, but it is a pain.

Note that namespace traversal (like ++skin++) works fine with 

I don't think it'd be hard to implement this, but:

  - is this a bug?
  - is there a reason not to do this?


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