[Zope-dev] RFC: zope.app.pagetemplate.engine dependencies

Tres Seaver tseaver at palladion.com
Mon May 25 16:13:05 EDT 2009

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Martijn Faassen wrote:
> Tres Seaver wrote:

>> Resolution #2
>> =============
>> Whereas:
> [removing evaluateInlineCode]
> zope.app.catalog: old-fashioned HTTP log test. Not very important.
> zope.app.publication: the same
> zope.app.exception: the same
> zope.app.session: actually turns on evaluateInlineCode in test setup for 
> some reason. A discussion topic.
> zope.app.zptpage: actual code and tests that mess around with 
> evaluateInlineCode. A discussion topic
> zope.app.session seems to be almost wholly moved to zope.session, 
> leaving some ZMI stuff behind. I think this means we can safely ignore 
> zope.app.session.
> zope.app.zptpage is the most interesting. It maintains an 
> evaluateInlineCode attribute and passes it along to 
> zope.app.pagetemplate. Of course it also is there to support the ZMI. 
> Since it's unlikely anyone actually has *useful* ZPT pages with inline 
> code, as nobody is programming with the ZMI anyway, I propose we just 
> rip this support out of here. But this can be done later when we see 
> things break.
> +1 for removing it.

Ah, the code refered to 'zope.app.pythonpage', but should have been
talking about 'zope.app.zptpage'.  It should be simple for that package
to pick up the implementation of 'evaluateCode' and add it to a custom
'ZopeContext' derivative which it uses when evaluating the page.

>> Resolution #3
>> =============
> I'm fine with this, though haven't done any real analysis. :)

This is a "back to the future" change (or feels like it, anyway).

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