[Zope-dev] RFC: Site -> Locus

Roger Ineichen dev at projekt01.ch
Thu May 28 10:57:38 EDT 2009

Hi Jim
> Betreff: Re: [Zope-dev] RFC: Site -> Locus
> A few high-level comments.
> 1. I admire your desire to make this clearer. :)
> 2. I think local configuration address use cases that most 
> people don't have but introduce complexity that I bet a lot 
> of developers trip over.
> 3. I think the right word here is "local registry".  I think 
> the whole concept should be labeled as advanced and we should 
> discourage people from even pondering it unless they have a 
> strong use case, like wanting to host multiple web sites with 
> different configs in the same application. :)
> 4. I think we should step back (re)think how we handle the 
> goals that drive this.  If we do, we might  come up with 
> something so different that we'd make this discussion moot.

probably we can also find a simpler concept for make local
configuration available with global configration files
like we have done in z3c.baseregistry. This could have the
benefit of both local and global done with the same pattern
e.g. zope.configuration.

I think global and local ist not so confusing, but the need
to define global and local configuration in a totaly 
different way is complex to explain and understand.

Roger Ineichen

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