[ZWeb] Documentation Index

emf mindlace@digicool.com
Thu, 28 Dec 2000 12:16:10 -0500

Shane Hathaway wrote:

> Andrew Sawyers wrote:
>> The new documentation index has been made live.
> It looks great!  Some feedback, though:
> It is missing the Product Developer's Guide.
> Itamar's LearningZope is misclassified.  It transcends the categories,
> being an important part of 4 of the 5 categories.

so does it get to be "reference"?

> Some of the how-to's are especially important, such as ChrisM's Grokking
> Object Orientation.  I was hoping that document and a couple others like
> it would be upgraded from "how-to" status and put in the primary
> documentation index.

Ok.  I will upgrade OO. Can you suggest other documents?