[ZWeb] Fwd: IDEA

Ken Manheimer klm@zope.com
Fri, 14 Dec 2001 21:35:29 -0500 (EST)

On Fri, 14 Dec 2001, Ken Manheimer wrote:

> I like this idea, too!  (I somehow missed the original, or it didn't quite
> register.)  I think it would be additionally cool to have notifications
> about new items posted to a mailling list - so people could see them show.
> I'm not sure whether we could just create a pseudo-user with the mailling
> list address as its email preference, but then have to deal with
> notifcations about handling of the items, as they're marked off by the
> people compiling them.  An option would be to slightly change the
> collector to enable particular addresses for particular item transitions.
> That would be easy to implement, and seems a lot less kludgy...
> What do you think?  In any case, we should provide a collector for the
> news...

Well, i finished on the fishbowl notifications for now, and had some time
this afternoon - so i added a feature to the collector.  Collectors can
now be configured to send issue change notices to particular addresses
according to issue state.  I've created a "ZopeNews" collector:


which forwards _accepted_ messages to a new mailling list,
zope-news@zope.org.  By sending only accepted messages, the supporters get
review discretion, and when it comes time for a periodic summary, the
person doing it just looks for all the accepted items and covers those -
marking them resolved when done.

(It occurs to me this collector should be presenting its contents
most-recent first, since recent items are the ones people are most likely
to repeat.  Maybe i'll take a moment later to include that as a
configuration option...)

This seems like it has some good potential for making the zope news
collection *and* compilation effort a lot less painful.  I guess we'll see
about that.  (It'd be nice if the news items could be included in the
Zope.org news sidebar - syndication, anyone?)