[ZWeb] What's this mailing list for?

Andy McKay andym@ActiveState.com
Thu, 18 Jan 2001 11:40:43 -0800

If there was more community effort involved in zope.org then I would agree.
At the moment, we get our user area and we get to make comments on the site
(with which we often get good feedback). It's good that you guys are open
about it, it just seems a little strange to me. Traffic is low, so its not
really a problem, just a comment.
  Andy McKay.

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> --On quarta-feira, 17 de Janeiro de 2001 13:18 -0800 Andy McKay
> <andym@ActiveState.com> wrote:
> > But to be honest over the last few weeks Ive noticed 90% of the traffic
> > seems to be internal emails amongst DC along the lines of this is broken
> > fixed etc.
> > Its quite amusing to read this somedays, but at our company we
> > have a separate internal list for that (of course we never have any
> > problems :) ).
> Well, in the Grand Unified Theory of Zope.org, the site will become more
> community managed. Furtheremore, Zope.org is essentially there for the
> community, and so I feel like the community should have access to what's
> going on.
> > Wouldn't that make more sense, unless it affects the community at large?
> zope-web is where you are if you want to affect or participate in zope.org
> "The Website" as opposed to Zope "The Software". Most of the other open
> source projects I see manage their sites in this fashion.
> Plus, I receive notices that something is up in a whole lot of places-
> zope@zope.org, zope-dev@zope.org, internal mailing lists, email directly
> me, the zope.org Tracker, etc.
> Since internal and external folks are involved, I would rather have a
> single canonical place for commentary to be made.
> Thanks,
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