[ZWeb] Guide for Corporate Decision Makers

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Mon, 05 Mar 2001 13:32:49 -0500

--On Thursday, March 01, 2001 19:03:37 -0500 Donald Braman 
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> Hope you don't mind this slightly snarky post. I stumbled across the
> "Guide for Corporate Decision Makers" and it got me thinking...why are
> there so few large sites hosted by Zope in the case studies section? Why
> isn't Zope.org selling Zope? If I hadn't stumbled accross this page
> accidentally, I would never have known that CBS New York and Greenpeace
> used Zope.

I've got to do a better job of rustling up case studies.

> 1. What Zope Is (now under "Learn Zope", which isn't the most intuitive
> title for a description of Zope).

Do you think the "Introducing Zope" link on the documentation page is 


> 2. Reasons to use Zope, including: success stories at small, medium, and
> large institutions;

This is a good one.  I think we have some floating around: I'll try to 
collect them together.

> a guide for IT decision makers (including a discussion
> about support);

What I want to do is expand the Zope Solution Providers page into a section 
to let people that provide support more thouroughly explain what services 
they do offer.

> and reviews/news about Zope (Most of this is now in
> "Resources", which is not the most intuitive place to go for "marketing"
> materials).

Agreed: I'm going to move towards a news section, which will have all these 
sorts of references.

> 4. How to use Zope ("Learn Zope" isn't really about learning Zope).

/Documentation isn't an intuitive place to go for learning zope?

> 5. About DC, it's relation to Zope, etc. (this seems to spread between
> "Learn Zope" and "About Zope" and the DC site).

Ok.  Hopefully the new Digital Creations site will explain this more 

> 6. About the site itself (in "About Zope.org" is fine, though more details
> about who runs the site, contacts, etc. would be nice...this coudl be the
> same as 5).

Ok... webmaster@zope.org is the primary content, though there's also the 
zope-web. Perhaps it should have more prominance?

> 7. Zope News as a sidebar, not a cenral menu item.

Hm.  I was actually going to have the default view of zope.org be mostly 
newsie, with sidebar links to the rest of the stuff.

This is a challenge: The statistics say that most of our visitors are 
frequent. I assume those people get very little value out of a home page 
that's mostly targeted towards people that haven't used zope.

Nonetheless, we need to target new visitors as well.

> 8. More in the left column (python sites...whatever).

I am planning to simplify to a 2 column layout that has all the relevant 
links on the right and contentish things on the left.

Thanks for your feedback,
ethan mindlace fremen
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