[ZWeb] Re: [Zope] Come kick some tires, at new.zope.org

Martijn Pieters mj@zope.com
Wed, 10 Oct 2001 17:32:50 -0400

On Wed, Oct 10, 2001 at 11:06:42PM +0200, Joachim Werner wrote:
> Please let somebody do some real web design for the site before it goes
> online. I am sure you'll even find people who'll do that for free. The
> current design is not competitive at all.
> Look at all the new CMF sites that are emerging in the community, like
> ZopeZen, MetaZope, or Zopera. They are all different in design, but IMHO
> much better than the current one for the new zope.org.
> I have heard things like "Zope might be cool, but can you also do
> NICE-LOOKING sites with it?" quite often, just because the old (and as it
> seems) new zope.org look so half-baked in design ...

The CMF skin system makes it easy enough to develop new skins around a
running site. Our current focus is new.Zope.org running; there are only so
many hours in a day!

After new.zope.org has launched, we'll take submissions for skin proposals
from you volunteers ;) Remember, Zope.org is a community web site!

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