[ZWeb] Re: [Zope-CMF] Webdav - CMF

Joachim Werner joe@iuveno-net.de
Sun, 14 Oct 2001 20:56:37 +0200

> Hi everybody,
> I have setup a zope server using CMF, now I want to author content using a
> Editor e.g. Word 2000 or Dreamweaver, the problem is all of these can
> the WebdavFolder (http://localhost:9800/) but I can not save changes to
> files.
> I have downloaded "DAV-Explorer" a Java GUI for accessing Webdav
> directories, same problems, creating, deleting and geting files work,
> locking is not avaible.
> Has anybody experience in using Zope & Webdav?

I use WebDAV quite frequently. There are issues (like you can not change
file names via the windows web folder, and Windows will not know that DOC
and doc are two different folders and mix them up), but it works in general.
For me, uploading stuff from Word 2000 into CMF works fine. There seems to
be an issue if you have lines in the document that are completely empty. I
guess there is an error in the parsing module of the CMF Document
implementation. But I even managed to upload docs as news, using filenames
like "news_blablabla.htm and adding a corresponding regex rule to the
content types tool ...

Of course you'll get Word-style HTML uploaded if you use Word 2000 ...

WebDrive, which unfortunately is not free, but only has a 30-day trial
version, works better than the windows webfolders (e.g. renaming works), but
seems to crash rather often.

I don`t know about DAV-Explorer.

Dreamweaver should work fine with some tweaking and the newest bug fixes
installed, and GoLive works fine with WebDAV. It have tested that one, too.