[ZWeb] zope-web area and zopelabs

Trevor Toenjes zope@toenjes.com
Thu, 11 Apr 2002 12:44:16 -0400

Since ZWeb is initiating the zope.org improvements and I expect it to stay
this way...and all zope websites are grouped under the zope-web mailing
list...then "LINKS" should be renamed "Zope-Webs", with a link that leads to
a "About Zope-Web" page that...
1. explains the importance of zope-web to zope.org
2. how people can join the zope-web list
3. how they can start their own zope-web site
4. how they can post zope.org data to their own sites (XML, etc)
5. how to send feedback about what they want to see on zope.org, etc

And if I can sneak in a comment...
It would be great to add a section to the homepage that includes the last 3
posts of "Recipes" from Zopelabs.  Zopelabs is doing a great job of fitting
a needed niche in the zope-community of organizing code snippets that do not
have a place on zope.org.  It is more than a blog.

Zope-web and zope.org is about building the community.
So, acknowledge this contribution by giving Zopelabs space on the homepage
that features the last 3 posted recipes and a link to the site.  This could
lead to the beautiful future that zope-webs and zope.org share searchable
content, so the community can find resources no matter which zope-web they
reside on.