[ZWeb] zope-web area and zopelabs

Paul Everitt paul@zope.com
Sat, 13 Apr 2002 18:57:55 -0400

I plan to make ZopeLab's recipes the "official" source.  I'd like to 
work as hard as possible to make their content part of the zope.org content.

One downside: ratings won't work across sites.


Trevor Toenjes wrote:
> Since ZWeb is initiating the zope.org improvements and I expect it to stay
> this way...and all zope websites are grouped under the zope-web mailing
> list...then "LINKS" should be renamed "Zope-Webs", with a link that leads to
> a "About Zope-Web" page that...
> 1. explains the importance of zope-web to zope.org
> 2. how people can join the zope-web list
> 3. how they can start their own zope-web site
> 4. how they can post zope.org data to their own sites (XML, etc)
> 5. how to send feedback about what they want to see on zope.org, etc
> And if I can sneak in a comment...
> It would be great to add a section to the homepage that includes the last 3
> posts of "Recipes" from Zopelabs.  Zopelabs is doing a great job of fitting
> a needed niche in the zope-community of organizing code snippets that do not
> have a place on zope.org.  It is more than a blog.
> Zope-web and zope.org is about building the community.
> So, acknowledge this contribution by giving Zopelabs space on the homepage
> that features the last 3 posted recipes and a link to the site.  This could
> lead to the beautiful future that zope-webs and zope.org share searchable
> content, so the community can find resources no matter which zope-web they
> reside on.
> -Trevor
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