[ZWeb] inspiration to promote this list

Paul Everitt paul@zope.com
Fri, 19 Apr 2002 20:27:14 -0400

This is a good point.  And in fact, when we're ready, I'll give you the 
access you need to do this. :^)

Seriously, it is true that we need to attract more people.  At the same 
time, we need a place where they can go and quickly answer a bunch of 
nzo (newzopeorg) questions.  The current project page just ain't that good.

Fortunately we have a volunteer that has pledged to work this weekend on 
it.  I love weekend volunteers.  :^)

To answer your question: by this time next week, we'll get ready to do 
what you describe.


Trevor Toenjes wrote:
> I was inspired by Didier that said he didn't know this effort/list existed,
> which validates one of our requirements to promote the zope-web on the
> homepage.
> So here is some text to that could be used in the zope-web area of the home
> page.
> This could be a "About the Zope.Org Team" link or something...
> About this website:
> The content management system that runs this website is maintained by a
> ragtag group of community advocates that work with Zope Corp. to grow the
> Zope user base.  We all were first time users of zope.org and seek to
> constantly improve the functionality of the website for existing users and
> those that are discovering Zope for the first time.
> First time users
> If you have comments on how we could improve your experience, please share
> them with us.
> Contributors
> If you want to join the effort and leave your stamp on zope.org, please join
> the list and help maintain the site.  We welcome your participation.
> The community thrives from individual's efforts to write how-to's, release
> products, answer questions on the mail lists, and make other positive
> contributions that accelerate the adoption and development of Zope.
> The Zope Web Team
> Cheers,
> Trevor
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