[ZWeb] DISCUSS: Use ".html" or not?

Andrew Sawyers andrew@zope.com
Tue, 23 Apr 2002 21:19:46 -0400

>1) Caps scheme.  If I can get away with it, I'd like to make an edict to
>banish caps and use all lower.  I've grown really, really, really weary
>over the years telling people the URL to the zope 3 wiki, and saying
>"Component architecutre, capital C and capital A, front page, capital f
>and capital p, ..."

>2) Extensions.  Boy oh boy is this a hot potato.
>The first two people that tried to help me with nzo skins via WebDAV
>wanted to use Dreamweaver.  The were both foiled by DW's inability to
>work with something not having an extension.  Ultimately, all solutions
>that we discussed had tough tradeoffs.
>For both content and presentation objects, this is going to come up over
>and over and over and...
Go with extensions; this is most important for those volunteering their time
to help with design work; it's important the price to pay for volunteering
isn't compounded by difficulties getting tools to work.  I've gotten this to
work exactly as one would expect with Dreamweaver; though it will take a bit
of work on the front side, the designers will be happy as clams.

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