[ZWeb] upcomming chat

Paul Everitt paul@zope.com
Fri, 26 Apr 2002 12:17:04 -0400

Robert Rottermann wrote:
> Hi friends in nzo
> This emails purpose is to prepare myself for the upcoming IRC chat and to
> inform you what I would like to have answered.
> Section folder
> --------------
> I have prepared the folder sections for the sections to reside in.
> Question here:
> Should we avoid an extra folder?
> avoid: url will be shorter
> use: less clutter


> The structure in the section folder reflects pauls hand carved sitemap.
> It is generated from a script.
> every section has an owner. The intelligence who the owner is is gathered
> from
> a script "getSectionOwner"
> Question here:
> Is ist ok to have this information here, or is there a more centralized
> place
> where site info is stored?

I'm still in favor of giving a template to every section owner and 
letting them add value by customizing it.  In this case, eliminate the 
programming and just harcode the section owner into the HTML.

What seems clever and useful now becomes baroque and untraceable a year 
from now.  At least that's become the lesson of current zope.org.  There 
are so many handy automations to render the home page that nobody can 
figure anything out. :^)

> every structure and substructure has its own index_html. clicking on the
> section title-bar calls its index_html. The idea here is that the section
> owner can adapt it to his own gusto.
> Same goes for the subsections.
> Just now I generate the resp. index_html's when creating the structure.

Ahh, good.  By the way, it should be local_html instead of index_html, 
so that it doesn't interrupt/become the acquistion of the default layout 
for lower folders.

I think you should avoid a zpt call to look up the section owner.

> Please look at it and comment whether this is a sensible way to do it.
> Paul: Did I get your ideas?
> default.css
> -----------
> I started to look at default.css.
> We (my compatriot Geri and I) intend to overhaul it.
> Question:
> What css-files make part of the whole site?
> Will we squeeze them into a single one?

I think this was answered in the chat.

> Question two:
> When we change everything to em: what is the ratio between the different
> sizes. I mean bigger, smaller +1 ...

These are all really good questions.  We need to find some good 
resources online, as this is a pretty hard problem.

In my experience, doing everything using "em" as the unit of font-size 
is the best, as em is a relative unit (relative the the display size).

After that, using larger/smaller or x-small/small/large/x-large, etc. is 
something for more research.