[ZWeb] zope-news RFC

Paul Everitt paul@eurozope.org
Tue, 17 Dec 2002 22:24:07 +0100

On mardi, d=E9c 17, 2002, at 17:13 Europe/Paris, george donnelly wrote:

> hi, as some of you know some people have been discussing set up a =
> project for zope.org news, amplifying the zope weekly news.
> ZC is apparently hesitant to give us a mailing list for the project =
> reasons of bandwidth restrictions. Also, I got negative vibes from=20
> Sidnei
> about setting up a wiki under the NZO project for the development of=20=

> this
> effort.
> We can of course get  a private ad free reliable mailing list for=20
> nothing or
> next to nothing as well as a wiki. What makes me hesitant is the=20
> apparent
> lack of ZC buy-in.
> what I'd like is some feedback from the interested parties as to how=20=

> you
> think we should go forward on this (given the situation).

Hmm, I hadn't heard anything about this.  What's the complaint about=20
bandwidth restrictions?  It doesn't seem to make sense.  What's the use=20=

that will take up so much bandwidth?