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Dr Ralph Wilson (via www.zope.org) DrWilson89@hotmail.com
Sun, 23 Jun 2002 16:49:18 -0400

I found this on the "TxOutcomes.com" web site: 
OIO System (OIO on Zope):
Flexible and Secure Information System for Clinicians and Researchers  Open Infrastructure for Outcomes (OIO) system facilitates the creation of flexible and portable patient/research records. It aims to achieve the " Holy Grail " of data portablity as elegantly described by John G. Faughnan. ...."

I would like to know if the TxOutcomes site--or others like it--would help the group clinic in which I work gather data for outcomes assessment. The front page of TxOutcomes did not have an easy to find place where we can join, or learn more about getting our projects into the format they talk about.

Your link gave me some hope, so I am writing you to ask if you can give me information about what to do next.

Thanks a lot.

Ralph Wilson 

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