[ZWeb] FYI: Status for this week

Chris McDonough chrism@zope.com
Mon, 6 May 2002 14:42:56 -0400

Hi Sidnei,

Sorry I haven't been very vocal about status.

I have three mostly-working boxes: two appservers and a storage
server.  There was supposed to be a cache server, but I believe its
hardware is still being debugged.  I am reaching a point where it
will soon be feasible to make these machines accessible, but I'm
getting hung up on a (long-ago-written) migration script that takes
content from "old.zope.org" for import into "new.zope.org" at the
moment.  I hope to be able to figure the problems I'm having with it
out by the end of today, and initiate a content migration.  After
the migration is finished (it can take up to twenty hours, from what
I've heard), our "Milestone 1" goals will be more or less complete,
and I will need to defer to Paul as to how we're going to proceed.

That said, I've spent a long time making a repeatable installation
procedure for NZO, Zope, ZEO, LDAP and Squid software and I'd like
to give folks the opportunity to contribute and/or comment on it.

Although I imagine helping with software installation is not what
most folks want to do specifically for the nzo effort, some people
may find it interesting inasmuch as the setup represented by the
outcome of this process will possibly be very close to the way that
ZC sets up Zope and 3rd-party software at customer sites.  Also, if
you want to actually develop Python code for NZO, this is a quick
way to get all the Products and whatnot in a working configuration
that will let you do bugfixes and add features in your own sandbox.

The base installation works via a set of makefiles.  You invoke a
different script depending on what piece of software you wish to
install.  The current set of makefiles allow you to install Zope,
Squid, a ZEO server, and an OpenLDAP server repeatably.  Currently,
the appserver, ZEO server, and Squid server setups probably have
dependencies on some RedHat system files and directories (such as
chkconfig and /etc/rc.d/init.d).  All makefiles require an
Internet-connected machine as well as CVS and sudo.

Here is a typical session for installation, building a directory
tree underneath the "zope" user's home directory that contains a
Zope instance with all the requisite NZO files and a ZEO storage
server instance:

# /usr/sbin/useradd zope
# su - zope
$ cd ~
$ cvs -d :pserver:anonymous@cvs.zope.org:/cvs-zopeorg login
$ cvs -d :pserver:/anonymous@cvs-zopeorg co NZO_SiteLayout
$ NZO_SiteLayout/buildout zope
$ NZO_SiteLayout/buildout ldap-client
$ NZO_SiteLayout/buildinstance
$ NZO_SiteLayout/buildout zss

After this is done, you can start the zeo server by doing:

$ sudo /etc/rc.d/init.d/zeo_storage start

You can start the Zope instance by doing:

$ sudo /etc/rc.d/init.d/zope_(yourhostname)-8080 start

It will use the ZEO server you installed above.

When you get the appserver running, you can access it on your
machine's port 8080 with username "admin" password "123".  Create a
"ZopeOrg" CMF Site instance from the management interface, and
create an external method within it that points to
"ZopeOrg.setupZopeOrg".  Then run the external method.  This sets up
the CMF site instance with the "skeleton" ZopeOrg content.  You can
start to hack from there.

You can also install other ancillary items.  Install an OpenLDAP
server (for the LDAPUserFolder installed by setupZopeOrgMembership)
by doing:

$ NZO_SiteLayout/buildout ldap-server

You can install a Squid server by doing:

$ NZO_SiteLayout/buildout squid

After you're done, you can blow everything away (mostly) by deleting
everything in the /home/zope directory when you're done.  The
"dangly bits" are the rc scripts in /etc/rc.d/init.d which need to
be deleted manually.

The makefiles are still in progress.. if anybody tries this, let me
know if you have problems.  There is also more specific information
in the README.txt in the root of the NZO_SiteLayout CVS module about
some makefile options.

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> Well, now that we are back in the saddle,  I would like to take on
> new.zope.org again. Maybe we should make another IRC meeting
between tomorrow
> (May-7) and friday (May-10) and see how people are going with the
> issues.
> Also i would like to get some feedback from Chris McDonough about
the state
> of his work on the boxes.
> C'ya.
> On Ter 30 Abr 2002 11:53, Paul Everitt wrote:
> | Howdy.  As I think I mentioned previously, I'm leaving for a
> | in Brazil today, to return next Monday.  Thus my participation
is going
> | to be minimal.
> |
> | During this week, Chris McDonough is working on building out the
> | for nzo.  This will likely lead to a number of issues that need
to be
> | sorted out.
> |
> | We should still shoot for some kind of public milestone before
> | Wednesday (8 days from now).  Thus, please keep working on the
items on
> | your plate and filing issues in the collector.  I'll try my best
to get
> | connected while in Brazil.
> |
> | Talk to you soon!
> |
> | --Paul
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