[ZWeb] Software Product section update

Sidnei da Silva sidnei@x3ng.com.br
Wed, 8 May 2002 14:25:10 -0300

On Qua 08 Mai 2002 13:38, Trevor Toenjes wrote:
| Helloooo...    ;)


| Well, I got busy and I did miss my goal last week to finish refining the
| main view using everyone's feedback.  Each version is hopefully vastly
| improving from the previous concept.

Thats good.

| I am trying to finish that for this weekend to have up by Monday.  Thank
| you for all the great feedback I am still getting (and using for the
| refination [that should be a word]).

Seems like we will have an irc meeting by Friday. I you have something ready 
at that time we can discuss on the irc.

| I think we have all the feature requests accounted for, because I havent
| heard any new ideas for awhile and we are getting some redundant requests
| from user spillover on the main zope-list.
| We have started discussing what needs to happen in zope.org to implement
| the new features.  We need volunteers for refactoring the current zope.org
| methods to fit the new functions, including some potential CMF-hooks.

Im always a volunteer. Im starting to learn CMF by this week, i hope by the 
next week to have a good knowledge.

| The collector issues related to "Software Products" are being addressed in
| the GUI and will be further addressed in the refactoring.
| My follow-up goal [the following week] is to put together the first pass at
| a production timeline with goals and volunteers to see how much and how
| fast we can handle the improvements.

May the force be with you. ;)

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