[ZWeb] FYI: Status of sandboxes

Paul Everitt paul@zope.com
Thu, 16 May 2002 10:56:52 -0400

Janko Hauser wrote:
 > One question. How do I make a cvs up in the hole sandbox and not only
 >  some before known parts?

Most of the sandbox will never change.  The major area that you need to
keep up to date (in my opinion) is ZopeOrg-NV.

Later we'll have to get you a read/write checkout of this.  If your 
sandbox currently works, and if you're ready to do some work, then later 
is now. :)

 >> As a side note, ChrisM has done a wonderful job with the sandbox
 >> machinery and the instructions.
 > Right, it is amazing, how smooth it went.
 >> This morning I took Trevor's product page mockup and converted it
 >> to basic ZPT, then checked in the page and the images.  There's
 >> still a fair bit to do on it.  None of the data are generated
 >> dynamically yet, obviously, as the software product Product will
 >> have to change.
 > Is there some form of marker in the ZPT to see, which bits should be
 > handeld by programming?

We could adopt a strategy to do that.

 >> I *think* the following people are working on getting sandboxes
 >> going:
 >> o Paul, Sidnei, Janko, Robert, hopefully Trevor, Ausum, and Olivier
 >> Others?
 >> Regarding the cluster itself, we are hoping to relocate the boxes
 >> in the next week to the hosting site.  Right now we are seeing
 >> weird things with the migrated content, such as the site hanging
 >> when you point ab at it.  On the good side, some of the pages are
 >> getting 50 rps on each processor when the actions bar and
 >> breadcrumbs are removed from the skin.  As long as each processor
 >> can cough up 10 rps, I'll feel comfortable.
 > At least the actions bar can be cached, right?

I don't think so.  It varies from page to page and user to user.

 > I will approach this with a small fix from the tracker and look if I
 > need help.

Great.  If you're ready, I can get on IRC and walk you through the 
creation of a read/write sandbox.