[ZWeb] erm assumptions

george donnelly list@zettai.net
Tue, 12 Nov 2002 13:01:43 -0500

so do you want to join the editorial team. ;) indeed it will be some work:
as you say almost entirely on the writing and culling side. creating the app
will be very easy tho.

I was thinking of it being a blog in the sense of not just pointers to
things but the value-added stuff you mention like summaries of threads and
new products and howto's. This is exactly what I meant; I guess that didn't
come thru.

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> From: "R. David Murray" <bitz@bitdance.com>
> Date: Tue, 12 Nov 2002 12:48:33 -0500 (EST)
> To: zope-web@zope.org
> Subject: Re: [ZWeb] erm assumptions
> On Tue, 12 Nov 2002, george donnelly wrote:
>> as far as the editorial part, there could be an editorial team. I'm willing
>> to be a part of this and even lead it. I think the coding of the app would
> Editing is not a small job.  A team sounds like a very good idea.
> In this world of information overload, attention is the thing that
> is at a premium.  What the ZWN did somewhat and could do better is
> to sumarize the editorial teams' opinion of what is *most important*
> that happened over the previous <time period>.  IMO, the old ZWNs
> were too long.  I *don't* want to (and did not not) read a long
> list of released packages and howtos and etc.  I'm already on the
> announcements list.  The most interesting thing (aside from the
> purpose-written articles) was the summary of the most interesting
> threads from the mailing lists (especially the ones I don't subscribe
> to <grin>).  And a *short* list of the most significant
> packages/updates/howtos/pojects would be most useful.
> This, obviously, is a lot more work than just automatically stuffing
> the contents of a blog or mailing list into an email.  And of course
> you run into the issue of hurt feelings if something isn't judged
> important enough to be included.  But if the thing is just a long
> list of pointers to other things, I most likely won't be reading
> it <wry grin>.
> --RDM
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