[ZWeb] erm assumptions

Heimo Laukkanen huima@fountainpark.org
Wed, 13 Nov 2002 19:56:41 +0200

> And the bite-sizedness I was thinking of not only for the Zope news box on
> the front page but also for the Zope Weekly News. As the current format is
> overwhelming for reader and writer. and both zope newses are basically the
> same thing, just with different timeframes and different audiences (perhaps)
> so why not integrate them?

Discussion on this subject has been very good and I do agree on the 
idea of editorial team creating content and more weekly news. We 
really need narrative content and these the "mediums", newsbox and 
weekly news, are great places to combine thougths and give pointers to 
interesting issues and developments.

However, like someone allready noted, the propblem is - whose ideas 
they are and what subjects are discussed, ergo who is the speaker? 
Zope Corp? Zope community? God?

Zope 3 mininewsletter is good, since it comes from Zope Corporation - 
and Zope 3 development is orchestrated by Zope corporation. So there 
is no glitch.

One idea for this would be to make a clear concept for the weekly 
news, create a editorial policy and make it known to all for example 
making a page to zope.org where is written the policy, publishing 
principles and about the editors, and also info on how to contribute 
and share the fame.

In concept there should be a structure for each weekly news-letter, 
just like in magazine. Meaning the editorial work would simply be just 
to fill each slot weekly by the guidelines decided by editorial team.

Example idea for structure:

    From the editor ( a word from the main editor about this issue )

    Zope Products:
    New products, new versions or product tutorials

    Around the world / community:
    Pointers to interesting articles on other sites, blogs etc.

    Hot topics:
    What have been issues of discussion on mailing-lists? ( zope-list, 
CMF, Zope - dev )

    This would have pointers to discussions, but also edited material 
about the discussions - meaning opinions of what is the theme in 
discussion / development.

This would be simple enough to do, could be done weekly and propably 
it would not bloat into such a monster that no-one reads it.

Goal for this would be that the newsletter would be a HUB combining 
interesting knowledge or leads to interesting knowledge, and share it 
to the community.

> as far as commitment, well I'm stepping up to the plate. Who else?

I have a lot of commitments with Paul now, but I could contribute from 
time to time so be a member of team, unfortunately I can't guarantee 
being most active member.

This is a great idea and I support it with +15 and a half. ,-)